Josh Waring

ITS 360 (sec 001)

Assignment #1 (Due 2/1/19)


What Would You Do?

1)      I think I would come up with a list of scenarios that could be used to gather information about a candidate’s moral character.  These might include certain questions or examples of issues that might arise in the workplace.  I would then explain to my manager how this would benefit the company in the long-term, as it would provide a way to further ensure we are hiring the best candidates possible.  I would show the manager some example scenarios where this could be used (and found useful), as well as explain how we could implement it into our interview process.

2)      The facts I would need to consider would be whether or not I feel my employees deserve the raise.  If I feel they deserve the full raise, I would give them the full amount.  However, if certain employees are underperforming or showing a lack of productivity, I would give those employees a smaller (or in severe cases, no) raise.  I would try to balance the amount I can afford to give in raises without raising expenses too much with the amount I feel my employees deserve in raises.


Critical Thinking Q’s

VW Q1)  I believe that explanation of the scandal is incomplete.  Engineering graduates who are promotion-obsessed and workaholics who don’t say “no” to a goal were probably part of the problem.  However, all it would take is one person to speak up.  Granted, people might not speak up because they assume others will; but the problem with that is everyone will most likely assume that as no one usually wants to risk ridicule for “whistle-blowing” on the team.  I think VW should also place as high of a value on Quality Assurance and Employee Integrity as they do on meeting their goals.

VW Q2)  The replacements must 1) work to regain customer trust and loyalty by upping the integrity of the production and engineering team.  2) fire those responsible and begin putting in place policies and oversight to prevent future occurrences similar to this.  3) promote those who show integrity, not just those who show performance

VW Q3)  I believe Bosch should have been sanctioned, as they were technically an accessory.  However, I don’t believe that they should have been sanctioned/fined to a great extent.







Toshiba Q1) I think Toshiba should ensure they have completely and thoroughly investigated the scandal.  However, once they are sure they have thoroughly investigated, they should move on.  The pros include a thorough and hopefully complete investigation, as well as [hopefully] a higher standard of integrity, and hopefully future public trust.  Cons include temporary loss of profits and disgruntled employees.


Toshiba Q2) I think outside panels of some sort are important, but I think they should either comply to governmental guidelines developed specifically for these panels/regulatory committees, or they should be overseen by a new governmental oversight committee themselves.


Toshiba Q3) I think methods such as standard and routine inspections of production facilities and policies are important to show that companies are being held accountable.  However, I believe that any increase in transparency will take time, as historically, Japan has been more “closed-off” [both literally and figuratively] than other countries.