Joshua Waring

ITS 360 Hmwk #4

Due: 3/1/19


What Would You Do?

1)      I would ensure that my site complied with all of COPPAís rules and regulations, including getting parental consent for collecting any sort of data, and respecting the privacy and rights of the children using the site. I would also make sure that my employees were aware of COPPA's rules, and any future updates or changes continued to comply with regulations to protect children using the sight.

2)      I would say no, as it is both illegal and unethical to install a stalking app on her phone without her express permission.Besides, I donít think that would be a good way to solve his problem, and could potentially just make things worse between them.


Critical Thinking Qís

1.1) I feel like there should be more redress only if any of the 21 million people suffered damages of any kind (whether monetary or other). I think that ID theft protection and recovery coverage is sufficient if there isnít widespread issues with other issues related to the data breach.

1.2) Terrorists and foreign powers could use the data to blackmail top officials, compile profiles on top US government employees, and compromise others.They could also use the info to decipher which employees were in the CIA based on those who didnít have records with the main interviews.

1.3) OPM focused on several sweeping changes, involving new security departments, new cybersecurity employees, audits, and an executive action plan.If all of these recommendations and changes were followed correctly, I am satisfied with them.However, I think there should be strict oversight to ensure these sweeping changes are followed thoroughly.


2.1) I believe there should be changes made to the ECPA to bring it more in line with the Bill of Rights.However, I still believe that government agencies should be able to obtain warrants to access information, but in almost all cases the person(s) being investigated should be informed, and there should be substantial probable cause for the warrant in the first place.


2.2) From my research it appears that the first bill died without leaving the committee in 2013.The second one died in 2016 in the Senate.There has been steps since to amend ECPA since, but not much progress has been made.


2.3)I think media organizations would support Microsoft as that would garner them more favorability from the population, as most people here about these kind of things and automatically assume the worst and that the government is out to get them.I think the media would support Microsoft as it would attract more attention and be more favorable for news outlets than supporting the government