Josh Waring

ITS 370 Hmwk #1

Shin Ping Tucker



5) Kevin Mitnick was a computer hacker who was arrested in 1995 for various counts of computer hacking and fraud.  Mitnick started his hacking career when he was just twelve years old to get free access to the public bus system in LA.  From there he moved on to hacking DEC and later Pacific.  The FBI finally caught and arrested Mitnick after a two and a half year pursuit in 1995.  John Markoff and Tsutomu Shimomura were instrumental in the pursuit and arrest of Mitnick and wrote a book about his capture, but received criticism for potentially basing their writing off of rumors and unsubstantiated claims.

6)  Agile software development allows for continual improvement based on feedback by the end user as the software is planned and developed.  Iterative and Incremental Development is a specific type of Agile Development, where the development lifecycle starts with planning and is composed of iterative development cycles that are based on user feedback and incrementally added features until the finished product is delivered.


Case Exercises-Discussion Questions

1)      I think this was perpetrated by an insider, as the email Amy received that infected her computer appeared to be from one of her colleagues, and was a common subject matter.

2)      SLS should train its employees to watch out for suspicious emails and avoid clicking any links they are not certain about.  SLS should also make periodic full backups of their system to allow it to be easily restored in case of future intrusions.

3)      I think this was a virus, as it appeared to require the computer user to click on a link or something similar in order to spread the virus—worms typically spread themselves.


Case Exercises-Ethical Decision Making

1)      It would not be ethical for Amy to open such a file, as the manages’ salaries and SSNs are confidential information.  If Amy chose to open such a file it would not only be a violation of privacy, but a potential security risk.

2)      If such an email did arrive, Amy should immediately inform her supervisor about it since it supposedly contains her managers’ private information, and she should report it to the IT department in case it did contain malware.