Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 9/14/18



1.      True

2.      False; An all-in-one does not consist of a separate tower.

3.      False; A smartwatch is a small, mobile computing consumer device designed to be worn.

4.      False; Information conveys meaning to users, and data is a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio and video.

5.      False; Earbuds are a type of output device (unless they have a microphone).

6.      False; A scanner is a light-sensing input device.

7.      True

8.      False; A hard disk drive contains one or more inflexible, circular platters that use magnetic particles to store data, instructions and information.

9.      False; The web and internet are not interchangeable terms.

10.   True

11.   True

12.   True


1.      H

2.      A

3.      I

4.      F

5.      J

6.      G

7.      C

8.      E

9.      D

10.   B


Problem Solving:

1.      Bank Account Postings: You can call or email your bank and ask if there is an issue, or you can check the bank’s website if it has one for any news related to an online banking services outage.  You should also ensure your account is secure.

2.      Problematic Camera:  The camera battery may not have been attached to the charger correctly or may not be inserted correctly into the camera.  The battery may also have failed to charge due to age, use, or mistreatment.

3.      Discarding Old Computer Equipment:  I would suggest to either donate it to a non-profit organization after wiping the hard drive, or bringing it to an electronics recycler or reseller.

4.      Dead battery:  If available I might by an extra charger from a store, or I would dim the screen and limit wireless/internet usage, and turn the computer completely off when done using it to conserve power.  A more advance option would include limiting the processor state to 50% and disabling the discrete gpu (if available) to conserve power.

5.      Incorrect Sign-In Credentials:  I would attempt to remember my password and try some different combinations, but if that failed I would contact my companies IT department/help desk for assistance resetting my password.  I would also check to see if my account may have expired or been stolen by someone else, and the password changed.  If I suspected unauthorized activity on my account, I would report it to my companies’ IT department.


Internet Research (#3 Search Skills)

1)      Which English words are stop words for Google? ŕ English stop words google (lists of SEO stop words as first two results)

2)      What is the largest solid-state drive available? ŕ largest solid state drive (Samsung recently announced a 30tb SSD)

3)      How many hours per day on average do teens spend playing video games? ŕ average time teen video games (many sites displaying statistics about average time teens play video games, and how much they should play on average)

4)      When is the next update to the Android mobile operating system expected to released? ŕ next android os update release date  (unannounced, Android Pie was release August 6th)