Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 10/05/18



1.      False;  The operating system is the interface between the user, the application and other programs, and the hardware.

2.      False;   Enterprise and Professional users will usually employ cloud backup services to back up all of the files on their computers in case of disaster.

3.      False;  Retail software is a mass-produced, copyrighted software that meets the needs of a wide variety of users, not just a single user or company.

4.      True

5.      True

6.      True;  With database software users can run functions [queries] to retrieve data, as well as add or update existing data.

7.      True

8.      True

9.      False;  Virtual reality apps may require the use of a special viewer device to display 360-degree images or videos.

10.   True

11.   True

12.   False;  Cookies are not considered spyware because website developers do not attempt to conceal the cookies.


1.      C

2.      G

3.      A

4.      F

5.      H

6.      I

7.      J

8.      B

9.      E

10.   D





Problem Solving:

1.      Operating System Does not Load:  I would try booting my system in Safe Mode, and if that didn’t work I would attempt to use recovery media to repair my operating system.

2.      Unwanted Programs:  These programs might have been pre-installed when you bought your computer, be component applications of a larger program, or they may have been installed alongside software you installed on your computer without watching for automatically checked boxes asking if you also want to install this recommended program. 

3.      Incompatible App:  The app might be incompatible with my device because it could be made for a different version of android, a phone instead of a tablet (or vice-versa), or require certain hardware specifications that my device doesn’t meet.

4.      License Agreement:  I would contact my work’s IT department and ask if I’m allowed to install the software on a personal computer, and if so, do I need a license key provided by them to install it?

5.      Low on Space:  I could run disk management software to cleanup old installation files, temporary files, old windows backups, and other unnecessary files left on my device.  Disabling Windows hibernation will usually also free the same amount of space on your hard drive as you have ram (ie 16gb of hard drive space is reserved for hibernation if you have 16gb ram) because hibernation stores an instance of your ram on your hard drive to allow you to virtually power off your computer but continue where you left off when you restart it.


Internet Research (#3: Search Skills)

1)       FTP (windows and mac):  cyberduck

2)      Online tax software –turbotax:, freetaxUSA

3)      (Edge and chrome and safari and firefox) reviews: the best browsers of 2018; best web browsers 2018

4)      calendar and task management app (apple or google play):, Google Tasks, Sunrise Calendar