Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 10/12/18



1.      False;  Any illegal act involving the use of a computer or related devices is referred to as a computer crime.

2.      False;  Adware displays an online advertisement in a banner or pop-up window on webpages, email, or other Internet services.

3.      True

4.      True

5.      True

6.      True

7.      False;  A typical license agreement does not allow you to rent or lease the software.

8.      False;  unencrypted, readable data is called plaintext.

9.      False;  Private key encryption is also called symmetric key encryption.

10.   True

11.   True

12.   True



1.      I

2.      C

3.      D

4.      E

5.      F

6.      G

7.      B

8.      H

9.      J

10.   A







Problem Solving:

1.      No Browsing history:  This might be happening because you have browsing history disabled or private browsing mode enabled.  You can typically change this by going into settings and turning on browsing history, or by opening a new tab not in private mode.

2.      Antivirus Software Outdated:  I would open my antivirus software console and update the virus definitions to the latest ones.

3.      Problems with CAPTCHA:  I could either generate a new captcha and try again, or use the audio version of the captcha.

4.      Unclear Acceptable Use Policy:  I would contact the IT department or the network administrator at my work and ask them to clarify if I could visit news websites on my lunch break.

5.      Issue with Virus Protection:  I would ensure my antivirus software installation isn’t corrupted and is up to date by manually downloading the latest version online and attempting to update/repair my antivirus through that installer.  If that didn’t work I would try another antivirus software to see if that works or not.  If that still doesn’t work I would install a virus removal tool on a usb drive using a different computer, and then attempt to get rid of any virus(es) that might be preventing my antivirus from starting.  If this still didn’t work, I would boot my computer in safe mode and attempt to resolve the problem manually from there.

Internet Research (#5: Cloud Security)

1)       Avast Antivirus—offers a free version with limited protection, an internet protection bundle that includes web filters and a built-in firewall, and a premier version that includes several added security features bundled with the standard antivirus software.  Avast also offers more advanced and expensive enterprise versions.

2)      Bitdefender—offers a “plus” version with basic protection, a “total security” version with protection for windows, mac and mobile devices and support for several devices, and an “internet security” version with bundled advanced protection features.  Bitdefender also offers a more advanced and expensive enterprise version.

3)      Typically, the enterprise version is more expensive but allows installation on more computers and on the company’s network server.  The enterprise versions typically offer higher security and more advanced customizability than the consumer/home versions do.