Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 10/26/18



1.       True

2.       True

3.       True

4.       False; A smaller frame rate results in a smaller size for a video file, but less smooth playback.

5.       False; Optical character recognition (OCR) is used by QR code readers.

6.       False; A MICR reads the preprinted characters on the bottom of a check.

7.       True

8.       True

9.       False; Aspect Ration defines a display’s width relative to height.

10.   False; A 3-D printer creates an object by using materials such as resin, ceramics, or plastic.

11.   True

12.   True


1.       G

2.       F

3.       D

4.       E

5.       J

6.       C

7.       I

8.       A

9.       B

10.   H










Problem Solving:

1.       Smart TV Issues:  You might have a weak or slow internet connection.  To fix this you could move your TV closer to your router (or vice-versa) if it is streaming via WiFi, or you could consider upgrading your internet depending what your ISP offers.  Lastly, you could decrease the playback resolution so the video can load faster over slow connections.

2.       Dim Screen:  Your laptop might have auto-brightness turned on, or batter-saver mode might have dimmed the screen when your charge dropped below a certain percent. 

3.       Printer Problem:  I would ensure that my device is connected to the same network as my wireless printer, and check that I have any necessary drivers for the printer installed and up to date.

4.       Projector Resolution Issue:  I would check that the aspect ratio is set correctly to match my laptop’s screen, adjust the resolution on the projector (if possible), and also check that my laptop is set to duplicate my display onto the projector and adjust those settings as necessary.

5.       Monitors Reversed:  Your display driver most likely updated and your multiple-display setup reset to default.  Fix this by going into your display adapter settings and selecting the primary monitor, and changing the layout to match your physical setup.


Internet Research (#2: Upgrading Memory)

1)      This directive and executive order require better inter-agency communication between both the public and private sectors regarding information critical to both physical and virtual [cyber] security for the United States of America.  This Order called for an expansion of cybersecurity measures to help protect the nation’s economy and well-being.  Generally speaking, this seemed to be accepted as a [necessary] measure to increase the US’ resistance to cyber threats as the economy was already in a rough spot, and the threat of cybercrimes was making financial institutions more nervous.  Congress has passed legislation requiring better national cyber security efforts, and disclosure of cyber threats to the government by private companies.  The ISA and TIA took a generally positive stance as this executive order and directive called for better cyber security, but they warned that the scope about the government interference in private companies for the benefit of “cyber security” must be limited in scope.