Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 11/09/18



1.       False;  An operating system may reside inside a computer or mobile device, or be run from a USB flash drive or other external drives.

2.       False;  The kernel is resident, which means it remains in memory while the computer or mobile device is running.

3.       True

4.       False;  Most users today work with a GUI (graphical user interface).

5.       True

6.       True

7.       True

8.       True

9.       True

10.   False; a backwards compatible application means it can recognize and work with applications written for an earlier version of the operating system.

11.   False;  MacOS is proprietary software.

12.   True



1.       H

2.       I

3.       J

4.       F

5.       B

6.       E

7.       G

8.       D

9.       C

10.   A








Problem Solving:

1)      Difficulty signing into operating system:  I would attempt to enter my password another couple of times, and if I still couldn’t remember it I would attempt to reset my password via my OS manufacture’s website (Windows or Mac systems).

2)      Missing Customization Settings:  An update to my OS might have reverted some basic preferences to their defaults, or my computer might have encountered an error and some settings defaulted during recovery.

3)      Incompatible Program:  I would check on the manufacture’s website to see if they offer an updated version of the program for use with the latest version of my OS, or I would run the program in “compatibility mode” (if available) to attempt to access it on my OS until the developer releases an update.

4)      Software Update Issues:  This might be because my hardware is not compatible with the latest update, or the latest update might be a “beta” version that one has to manually opt-in to on the OS manufacturer’s site.

5)      Virtual Machine Error:  I would close the VM application, then open task manager and see if any of the VM processes are still running, and if so, I would force close them.  If I still received the error message when trying again, I would restart my computer.



Internet Research (#2 Social Media):

I use “Parrot OS” as my linux operating system.  There is a blog located here that provides notes on released and upcoming versions, as well as notes on security patches and current issues.  The latest post discusses the added features and fixes for the latest version of ParrotOS at the time of this assignment (4.2), and introduces a new documentation portal.