Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 11/16/18



1.       True

2.       False;  Files on an intranet are generally not accessible from the internet.

3.       True

4.       True

5.       True

6.       False;  IrDA requires line-of-site transmission, so its technology is not as widespread as UWB.

7.       True

8.       True

9.       False;  Large corporations, phone networks, the Internet, and other networks with large amounts of traffic use T3 lines.

10.   False;  A dial-up modem is a communications device that converts digital signals to analog signals and analog signals to digital signals, to that the data can travel along an analog phone line.

11.   True

12.   True



1.       F

2.       H

3.       G

4.       I

5.       J

6.       D

7.       A

8.       B

9.       E

10.   C








Problem Solving:

1)      Problems Exchanging Files:  You might to specify permission on the recipient device to receive files over bluetooth, or the recipient device might be incompatible with the file type.

2)      Cannot Connect to HotSpot:  The restaurant’s hotspot may us the 5ghz band and your laptop might only be able to connect to 2.4ghz band wifi.  The network might also be hidden and you have to connect to it manually. I would ask the manager how to connect to the wifi if I couldn’t figure it out myself.

3)      Wireless Network Coverage:  There could be interference from other devices that causes certain areas with weak signals to be unreliable, allowing you to connect at certain times but not others.

4)      Cannot Access Network:  You might have to register your device with your company’s IT department before you can use a new device on it.

5)      No Network Connection:  I would make sure the card is inserted correctly into the PCIE slot, and then attempt to install or update the driver software. 



Internet Research (#3 Map Search):

1)  2231 Catlin Ave Superior WI  (you can select different views on the maps interface):


2) best buy duluth mn directions --> yields a Google Maps directions interface at the top of the search results)


3) att locations superior wi --> yields “3827 Tower Ave b, Superior, WI 54880”


4) Distance between Apple and Microsoft Headquarters (see pic below):