Joshua Waring

ITS 230 SEC 001

Due on 11/30/18



1.       False;  Useful information has meaning to the person who receives it.

2.       True

3.       True

4.       False,  The low cost makes drones useful for small scientific or conservation use.

5.       False;  In most circumstances, the licensed software owner can make one copy for backup.

6.       False;  Educational requirements for help desk specialists are less stringent than they are for other careers in the technology field.

7.       True

8.       False;  Apps developed for a specific mobile platform or device generally don’t work on any other device without modification.

9.       True

10.   False;  Few professionals have the experience and skill set to take a certification exam without preparation.

11.   True

12.   True


1.       H

2.       B

3.       C

4.       J

5.       D

6.       I

7.       E

8.       G

9.       A

10.   F







Problem Solving:

1)      Keywords for Job Search:  “technology” “support” “assistant” “corporate trainer”

2)      Online Job Search:  On the websites of companies that work in the computer equipment field.

3)      Documenting Education and Experience:  If you had an A+ certification, experience building and repairing computers outside of class, and are planning on working on other computer related certifications

4)      Contemplating a Job Offer:  I would wait for additional offers.  Because you received an offer immediately, you can probably get a better offer if you are patient and wait to hear back about interviews with other better companies.

5)      System Administrator:  I would benefit from having Operating System Certifications, and certifications in networking, hardware and internet.


Internet Research (#4 Security):

2) Generally users are informed of security updates through the Java update assistant, the users web browser, or rarely via email.

3)  Oracle claims that at least 3 billion devices are currently running Java.

4) Users can check in their applications and programs list if Java (or Java Runtime Environment/JRE) is installed on their computer.  You can generally also do a keyword search in your OS’ program search box to see if Java is installed.  Lastly, you can check if there are extensions/plugins installed on your web browser to support Java on webpages.