Chapter 1


1.      True

2.      False, a desktop

3.      False, wearable device

4.      True

5.      False, Output

6.      False, Input

7.      True

8.      False, Hard disk

9.      False, Webpages and Websites

10.   True

11.   True

12.   True


1.      H

2.      D

3.      I

4.      A

5.      J

6.      G

7.      C

8.      E

9.      F

10.   B

Problem Solving

1.      Bank account postings: If I still had my receipts, I would subtract all of them from the total that I currently had on my bank account.I would give my bank a call when able and ask them to confirm my balance.

2.      Camera Battery: I have had a prior experience with the battery dying even though I charged it all night.The battery is dead, and the only two options left are to replace the old battery or to keep the camera plugged into a supply of power.

3.      Shopping for software: I would do some research on the software to see if it would work with my version of windows.If I canít find anything on that, I would contact the tech support of the software I am trying to purchase or at least download a demo and see how that runs on my system.

4.      Dead battery: depending on how much battery I have left, I would either put my laptop in airplane mode and power saving mode to save battery.If able, I would try and find a replacement battery at a store.I would store my information on a flashdrive as well, just incase something like that would happen.

5.      Cannot share photos:Either the photo quality is too high or the photo is too large to send the message.I would send the files separately or edit the photos to a lower quality.†† If that didnít work, I would send the photos via Bluetooth, nfc, or social media.

Internet Research

†††††††††††††† The passwords being compared are from separate years and some still appeared multiple times.These were: 123456, qwerty, password, and starwars.I feel like consumers continue to use these passwords because they doubt the importance of internet security and they donít have the motivation to think of a new password or to write one down and keep track of it.I have never used any of those passwords and I do not plan on it.I imagine people reporting what their previous password was once it was breached, taking polls to see which passwords people would find to be too common, or companies keep track of what passwords are used in a database to determine which passwords are most common.