Chapter 10 Checkpoint


1.      True

2.      False, files on the intranet are usually not accessible via the internet.

3.      True

4.      True

5.      True

6.      False, Bluetooth and UWB do not require line of site transmission, IrDA does.† Therefore IrDA is not as widespread as the previous two.†

7.      True

8.      True

9.      False, ATM is used by extremely high traffic entities.

10.   False, a dial-up modem converts digital signals to analog and vice versa.

11.   True

12.   True


1.      F

2.      H

3.      G

4.      I

5.      J

6.      D

7.      A

8.      B

9.      E

10.   C

Problem Solving:

1.      Unable to find Hot Spot: I would refresh my options and move around the building hoping the option would appear so I could connect.† If all else fails I could contact management and see if they can help me.

2.      Paired Bluetooth Devices: What is likely happening is that both phones are connecting to the Bluetooth enabled car. It may not be able to have both devices connected at one time and connected to whoever was in range first.† Simply disconnecting your phone and having your brother reconnect should remedy the issue.

3.      Slow Internet:† The router may be getting old and not able to function as well as it used to.† The ISP might be having issues with their service or be experiencing a large uptick in traffic.† Another possibility is that someone is using your WIFI without your knowledge and slowing down your connections.†

4.      Problems exchanging files: The two devices may not be connected to each other, may not be updated, or the file is unable to be sent.† Another issue, although unlikely, is that the two devices are not close enough to connect.

5.      Cannot access network: you may have connected to the internet, but you may need a passcode or for your device to be accepted onto the network.† Once your device gets permission, it should have no issue connecting, hopefully.

Internet Research:

†††††††††††††† Online dating sites like have created a list of rules to follow, or at least that they recommend following when it comes to online dating.† They say to be descriptive about yourself, take multiple pictures, donít have a Wishlist of someone you want, contacting someone if you are interested, and itís up to you to consent to any sexual behavior.† Some warning signs given out by cosmopolitan are as follows: Every and all conversations steer towards sex or are a sexual manner, blowing up your phone if you donít answer immediately, texts that seem like they were not meant for you, or has one or no profile pictures.† From personal experience, if they respond with what seems like a script while completely ignoring what you say, it might be a bot or someone not worth talking with.† Some people are shy, but if people want/demand you meet up at their place, alone, that is a little dangerous.† A restaurant in Tampa, Florida has a code for women to ask for help.† Asking for an angel shot can get a walk to your car, an uber or lyft called, or the police called depending on the ingredients, which is on a poster in the womenís bathroom.† Some dating websites have complex algorithms to find patterns of fake profiles and distinguish if they are real or not, while Zoosk requires verification to make an account.† The most important thing is to trust your gut, if it doesnít feel right, they might not be safe to get to know.† Most dating websites and apps have means to report profiles for review by the dating website.† If things are unsafe or you realize they are fake: ceasing all communication with them, if you are talking, keep copies of all communications between you two, report them to the dating site and even the police.†