Chapter 11 Checkpoint


1.      True

2.      True

3.      True

4.      True

5.      True

6.      False, databases require more memory and storage then file processing systems

7.      True

8.      True

9.      True

10.   False, Rollback undoes any changes since last save

11.   False, PERT charts are better suited for planning and scheduling large tasks

12.   True


1.      G

2.      H

3.      I

4.      A

5.      B

6.      F

7.      C

8.      E

9.      J

10.   D

Problem Solving:

1.      Credit Reporting:  A possibility is that when you signed up for your card, there was a hidden agreement about companies accessing that information. 

2.      Incorrect Price:  The database was likely not updated to reflect the change in price, or the item was put in incorrectly and therefore is unable to update.

3.      The rules for the database may be limiting the number of digits in the postal code. 

4.      If the webpage isn’t readable for your smartphone, it has likely not been made to be “smartphone friendly.” 

Internet Research:

               Facebook targets users with advertisements via cookies from previous sites, or by the user’s location, demographic, and history of posts.  According to digital trends, each device reacts to code in a subtly different way which leaves what could be considered your devices’ “fingerprint.”  This is also known as canvas fingerprinting.  The other way you are tracked is by companies acquiring your cookie data and using those to determine what they will advertise to you.  You look at new shoes on Amazon, go onto Facebook and those exact shoes you looked at are advertised to you, in an attempt to get you to come back.  According to Time, researchers estimate that reading the average terms and services would take around 76 hours, and by declining the terms, you are saying no to some vital features on the website.  I wouldn’t be surprised if websites collect our data and sell them, especially free ones.  Money talks, and that is what drives choices, regardless of our opinion on it.