Chapter 3 Checkpoint


1.       True

2.       False, the advantages of a virtual server are that they can be created/configured quickly, and do not require a new physical server. 

3.       False, a thin client is a small terminal that looks like a desktop, but with limited processing power

4.       False, thin clients usually do not contain hard drives

5.       False, supercomputers are used by applications that require complex, sophisticated, and mathematical calculations

6.       False, most computer and electronic devices are digital

7.       True

8.       True

9.       False, instead of the term port, jack is used to identify audio and video ports

10.   False, backwards compatible, which means they support both newer and older USB devices. 

11.   True

12.   False, close range radio signals are used by NFC to transmit data.


1.       G

2.       B

3.       H

4.       J

5.       D

6.       A

7.       I

8.       F

9.       C

10.   E

Problem Solving

1.       Battery Draining Quickly: IF the battery dies at 30%, usually that means the battery is shot, and needs to be replaced.  A trip to your phone’s carrier can usually help remedy the situation, or if it is time for an upgrade, a new phone will also remedy the situation.  Usually once a battery reaches its life expectancy, it cannot adequately hold a charge, and is more prone to failure. 

2.       Slow Computer:  If your computer is running slowly, a few things can be done to fix it.  If it is on startup, it may have too many programs tasked at “running on startup” and turning some of those options off on certain apps can speed up your computer.  Usually if it is running slow, defragmenting your computer, or even deleting unused apps and files can speed up your laptop. 

3.       Potential Virus:  If online and a sudden window pops up saying I have a virus, looking at the link it provides may let you know it isn’t from the company.  Usually if that happens I will close the pop up or leave the website. If it looks suspicious, it probably is, but if I am curious I could google what happened and see if it is a virus.  Usually antivirus software will not reach out to you, unless it leads directly to their site, which is usually an advertisement from them.

4.       Faulty ATM:  The ATM credits me the wrong amount.  I would immediately call my bank and explain the situation, as well as tell an attendant that the ATM is acting incorrectly.  If it is due to my handwriting, I would write my check more cleanly, but assuming it is a check from work, I would either call or bring it in with the receipt to my bank and explain the issue.

5.       Connecting to a projector:  If the ports I am using do not work to connect to a projector, I would either try and find a compatible cord, a connector, or see if the projector has any wireless capabilities.  If that doesn’t work, I would email, upload to a cloud, use a flashdrive, or any other device I could transfer my project to a computer or device that is connected to the projector, assuming that there is one connected.

Internet Research:

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