Chapter 4 Checkpoint



1.       False, Operating system serves as the interface between user, app, and hardware

2.       True

3.       False, Retail software is mass produced…

4.       True

5.       True

6.       False, Queries are run to retrieve data

7.       True

8.       True

9.       True

10.   True

11.   False, power saving apps diminish brightness when your battery runs low, and can run without internet connectivity

12.   False, cookies are not considered spyware because the developers do not attempt to conceal them


1.       C

2.       G

3.       A

4.       F

5.       H

6.       I

7.       J

8.       B

9.       E

10.   D

Problem Solving

1.       Operating System Not Loading:  If my operating system doesn’t load, my usual steps are to recall what I recently downloaded or may have visited, and to ask someone that usually knows about these issues.  I would take it down to best buy or some other computer resource store and see if they can diagnose the problem. 

2.       Incompatible App:  If an app is incompatible, it is usually not made for that specific version of operating system on your phone, ie if it is older.  Another possibility is that the phone or device does not possess the required specifications to run the program.  It may be missing or unable to handle the demands of the app or not physically possess the required specifications.

3.       Unwanted Programs:  With many programs, during the installation wizard, it may ask if you want to install these other apps with the initial program, usually it is under the recommended setting and seeks to install other programs that work well with the app.  Another option is that a program you may have downloaded may have been a virus and forcibly downloaded other programs without your knowledge.

4.       Low on Space:  If my work computer was running low on space, I would first, if able, clear my cache, I would defragment my computer, and/or I would find all documents and files that are not needed on the computer and move them to a cloud or a flash drive. 

5.       Videoconference freezing:  If the videoconference keeps freezing, there may be a few issues.  Your connection may be poor, and the loss of connection is causing the app to crash.  Another possibility is that there is a virus whose payload is triggered after so long in a skype call.  The last possibility I can think of is that the app is using up too much CPU and eventually crashes because it cannot handle the current demand of the app for the conference.

Internet Research: Games/Social Media

                I visited two different sites for social media/gaming.  There were not many to choose from so I managed to find one called GAMURS and I picked Steam as my other choice.  Steam is both a social site but also a software that functions as a launcher for games and is also a store where gamers can buy a large variety of games.  GAMURS is a social media site dedicated to esports as well as updating the gaming community.  GAMURS has roughly 4 million active viewers.  Steam on the other hand has roughly 8.5 million gamers online at the moment.  Steams community forums are bustling with questions about games, different ideas or reviews, and polls on different games.  GAMURS doesn’t seem to possess any discussion forums or rewards.  Steam doesn’t offer rewards, but they offer ways of creating your own content, as well as constant saving and deals on games.  Steam doesn’t have online tournaments on its own, various games may have some, and usually those are posted in forums or advertised via the game that it is played on.  I have seen various tournaments for first person shooters advertised but was unable to find any today.  Steam’s news come in the forms of deals on the Steam store, whereas GAMURS offers live coverage of esports and the ability to message gaming professionals.  I have my own steam account and have played briefly with friends, as well as played online games with various people on my consoles.