Chapter 6 Checkpoint



1.      True

2.      False, single board computers are less expensive then desktops

3.      False, dual core processors can come close to the speed of a single core processor

4.      True

5.      False, CMOS memory chips keep track of the date and time

6.      True

7.      False, a zero represents the absence of an electrical charge

8.      False, RAM is volatile.

9.      False, while the program is in RAM

10.   True

11.   False, buses use bits

12.   True


1.      C

2.      G

3.      I

4.      B

5.      F

6.      H

7.      D

8.      A

9.      E

10.   J

Problem Solving

1.      Missing phone:† I would call the mall or store I was recently at with another phone and ask if they had found any phone.† I would call my phone as well, hoping someone would answer it.† Lastly, I would retrace all of my steps and see if I could find my phone.

2.      Losing battery life:† I would put my laptop in powersaving mode and or dim the brightness.† Not the most cost effective solution but buying a new battery would definitely fix the battery life problem.† Only using the apps or programs I need would conserve battery life as well.

3.      System password:† With any issue stopping you from working at your current job, I would contact a manager or higher ups and ask them for assistance.† I would assume the manager of the company I was working at would have some administration password to reset the password to one I would have made myself.

4.      Fan not working:† If my fan had recently stopped working in my laptop, I would attempt to open up the bottom of my laptop and make sure the fan isnít clogged, can still spin, and make sure it is connected still.† If that doesnít work, I would take it to a repair shop and see if they can diagnose the problem.

5.      No internet:† As big of a pain as it would be, taking a flashdrive with you and backing up your files would easily fix the issue of not being able to access the cloud to use your data.† The only other option would be to wait for the internet to come back on or go somewhere you can access it.

Internet Research: Security

†††††††††††††† Cerberus Anti-Theft is a smartphone app that allows you to wipe your data remotely and alerts you if an unauthorized SIM card is put in the phone.† Lockwatch is an app that will take a picture of the potential thief trying to access your phone and will send you an email with their freshly taken picture.† CTIA has created a public service that is designed to limit the resale of lost/stolen phones.† This Stolen Phone Checker powered by GSMA Device Check Service, will alert consumers and customers if the phone was stolen and can prevent the sale of said device.† This service is still up and running.† The FCC offers tips to help combat theft and how to protect your phone.† These range from being aware of your surroundings and noting the International Mobile Equipment Identifier, The MOI number, or the Electronic Serial Number, having a password for your phone, and apps to track your phone if it is stolen.† A recent Bill introduced in the House of Representatives, titled: Cell Phone Theft Prevention Act of 2016.† This bill prohibits the sale/resale of any device reported stolen by an authorized user, and they are to be listed on the Central Equipment Identity Register as soon as possible.† This also established penalties for people that sell stolen phones, tamper with their numbers, or possessing software that can remove the phones identification number.†