Ch 7 Checkpoint


1.      True

2.      True

3.      True

4.      False, the file size may be smaller, but playback is not as smooth

5.      False, optical readers

6.      False, MICR readers

7.      True

8.      True

9.      False, contrast ratios describe the difference in light intensity between white and black

10.   False, 3-D printers use additive manufacturing to create objects by adding material to a three-dimensional object.

11.   False, measured by dots per inch

12.   False, thermal printers


1.      G

2.      F

3.      D

4.      E

5.      J

6.      C

7.      I

8.      A

9.      B

10.   H

Problem Solving:

1.      Smart TV issues, if your show keeps buffering, lowering the quality of the show, restarting the app, resetting the internet, or using a different player are all ways to fix a buffering show you are trying to watch.†

2.      Touch gestures not working, a few possible issues are that the touch screen is not multi touch or that there is an internal problem with the device.

3.      Malfunctioning earbud, a few possibilities for an earbud not working are that the headphone jack isnít fully plugged in, the wire might be damaged for the earbud, or not connected anymore. †

4.      Access Denied, if my access was denied from my work, I would contact my manager and explain to him what happened in hopes he can override the situation.† While waiting for the assistance, I would inspect my card for damages to see if that is the issue.

5.      Fingerprint not recognized, presuming another finger was used for security to prevent such an event, I would just use another finger.† Otherwise I would need another employee to give me access to the computers or if possible, log in the older way with a password.†

Internet Research:

†††††††††††††† The two websites I looked at were Spotify and Pandora.† Both offer limitless amounts of music to listen to.† With Spotify, you can create your own playlists with any songs you want and with premium you can skip as many songs as you want and select which song, specifically you want to listen to.† Pandora premium offers unlimited skips.† Both premium features remove ads, and softy premium allows you to get Hulu if you are in school.† Pandora offers more variety at a glance, playing songs like the song/artist you searched for in a radio.† Spotify relies on playlists you, Spotify themselves, or others have made.† Spotify allows you to follow other people and view playlists they have published, while Pandora is more private, but gives you the option to share it with other social media sites.† Upon looking up my favorite band, The Amity Affliction, Spotify gives me many different things to do with it.† I can read about their biography, view related artists, view songs, albums, number of listeners throughout the month and the top 5 most heavily used areas in the world, albums they were featured in, and view a picture of the band.† Upon looking up musician/band websites, Wage War offers tour dates, merch, albums, and ways to listen to their music.† Looking up another band, their site allows you to watch their videos, look at merch, previews a video in the background, and ways to listen.†