Chapter 8 Checkpoint


1.      False, they are categorized as storage devices.

2.      False, nonvolatile

3.      True

4.      False, higher density means more storage capacity

5.      False, head crashes, although rare, can still occur

6.      False, SSDs have faster access times compared to hard disks

7.      True

8.      True

9.      True

10.   False, properly removing it by ejecting it through the computer

11.   False, mini discs work in standard sized disk drives

12.   False, passive RFD tags can be inserted in the skin, but contain no battery


1.      C

2.      D

3.      A

4.      B

5.      J

6.      H

7.      I

8.      E

9.      F

10.   G

Problem Solving:

1.      Incompatible memory card, if my memory card doesnít fit, I could try plugging the camera into my laptop with a cord (if able), or by buying or borrowing an adapter that would suit my needs.

2.      Inaccessible files, the files may have not been uploaded to the storage medium, improperly saved, the current computer may not be in the correct medium to receive the files, or the computer isnít compatible.

3.      Faulty RFID tag, if I cannot get my card to scan, I would try to make sure nothing is interfering with the signal, scanning the card a different way, or asking for assistance from either a coworker or a manager.

4.      Encrypting storage, selecting the storage device or the specific files, clicking on encrypt, and adding a password is an easy way to encrypt data.†

Internet Research:

†††††††††††††† Locating personal info:† When I searched my name, my YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter popped up as well as pictures I have taken and uploaded or videos I have made.† I looked in a few public records databases, and my name was not featured in any.† I have been mentioned in the news a couple times regarding sports, but that is about it.† If I look up my parentsí home number, it just states that it is registered.† In the past, if I looked up their number, Google would tell me who lived there and what the address was.† I believe Google changed that policy, I have not seen it in several years.†