'For the small animals who have no voice.'

Kimberly's Story

August 2, 2014 was Kim's 40th birthday. This was also the day Kim married the love of her life Scott. On September 26, 2014 Scott's birthday, Kimberly died of a brain aneurism. They were married 6 weeks. Kim had always said she was waiting for the perfect man before she married. After knowing Scott for two weeks she told me she was "smitten" That is a word I had never heard her use before to describe the man was dating. Scott was also 40 and had been waiting for that very special someone. They found each other, knew it was right and decided to share their lives together forever. Their wedding was one of the biggest and happiest events any of us had attended in many years. I guess neither family thought that these two would ever get married, so when it happened we were elated.

Kim was the fundraiser/event coordinator for Animal Allies Humane Society (AAHS) in Duluth Minnesota. Before getting her "dream job" she had applied at AAHA on two different occasions and not been hired for either position. I believe that is because God wanted her to be the event coordinator/fund-raiser because that job calls for someone with the tenacity of a bull dog in order to "encourage" people to donate and volunteer, which is one trait Kim had in excess.

As a little girl Kim had defended and protected little creatures by bringing them home so her dad could build them a little house of their own. From a very young age she would go right up to people and tell them how to treat their little animals (she would say,"I’m just helping mom") When one of the little creatures died, we had to have a real funeral and bury them in our back yard under the apple trees. She carried that passion into her adult life and her dream job at AAHA to continue her work for the little cats and dogs that needed an advocate.

Kim was working at an adoptathon event for Animal Allies when she collapsed due to a seizure. She was diagnosed with a brain aneurism which had been bleeding. She was flown to United Hospital in St. Paul Minnesota, where six days after her seizure, Kim died of the brain aneurism. The morning Kim died, her father and I decided to to start a foundation to keep her passion alive and to carry on her work for the cats and dogs and small rescue groups who in her words "Had No Voice" We also wanted to be an ever present reminder to people on how just one person with a dream can inspire so many people into action and maybe encourage them to pursue their deepest dreams also.

Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation has become Kimberly's voice that advocates and fights for these little defenseless animals. It is being run out of our farm right now and we do not have a shelter on our grounds but we raise the money needed to help and assist the small rescue groups throughout the area with whatever their needs are. When the time comes we will build a facility at our farm to help local rescue organization to better serve these little animals.We are a strong supporter of AAHS in any way we are able. Knowing how important the care of these little cats and dogs were to our daughter, as her parents we could do no less.

Kathy and Tim Resberg;
 Kimberly’s parents.