'For the small animals who have no voice.'

Calendar of Events

  • Winter wonderland day: February 14, 2014
    If there is snow, come to the farm for sliding, snowman building, roasting marshmellows feed apples to the cows and just relax and have. They time is from noon to 3:00pm. Keep checking incase of cancellations.


  • Walk with Animals: June 4th 2016
    Animals Allies event at Bayfront park.
    We will have a tent there with Kimberly's Cats and Dogs T-Shirt and hats for sale and will also introduce one of our therapy cats (Champs).


  • Celebrating Kimberly's Life: July 31, 2016
    Come to the farm and enjoy our event featuring Animal Allies adoption service, The Zoo Mobile, games, cotton candy, popcorn, walk with the chickens, birthday cake and just hanging out. This year we will have the Scottish bag pipes playing and miniature sheep.


  • Spur Of The Moment Fundraisers
    These are going to be little mini fundraisers that will happen quickly as the weather permits. On a beautiful summer night or a warm snowy day we will post a "SPOTM" notice on our webpage and facebook page letting people know when, where and what to bring i.e. sled or pillows to lay and watch the stars. These events will cost $5.00 per person or $10.00 per family, with either popcorn, hot dogs or marshmellows to roast. These event will be just short of bursts of instant fun throughout the year.