'For the small animals who have no voice.'

Friends of Kimberly's Cats and Dogs Foundation

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No Dog Left Behind Rescue Foundation

We were introduced to Susan Wipson at an Animal Allies event. She had known Kimberly and worked with her on many events. After talking with Susan we realized we could help out by paying for some of the support costs needed to make the dog ready to be placed in forever homes.

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Friends of Animal Humane Society

There work protecting and placing small animals was exactly what Kimberly had been working for at Animal Allies Humane Society. We felt they fit our mission very well.

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Animal Allies

This is our primary focus, because this was where Kimberly worked for all those little animals that “have no voice” we support them in any way we can.

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Wildwoods Rehabilitation

After touring their facility our board felt that we could offer some support to them with food ,medical needs or spay/nurturing programs.

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North Country Ride

They are a non-profit organization that not only cares for horses but the student who ride them for therapy. They use the same ideas we do about matching loving animals with a caring humans so they both benefit from the relationship.

Warm Fuzzies Animal Rescue

They are a small animal shelter in Duluth, MN. Offering adoptions with a two week trial on all adoptions!

Contact them at telephone: 218-576-8534, or by email at: Petsitter99@yahoo.com

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