'For the small animals who have no voice.'


Website Development

Kimberly’s Cats and Dogs Foundation is having a webpage developed by a group of students from UWS collage as their final project before graduation. Our web designers are Dustin and Pema, who have been so patient and willing to work with us while we change the contents and add more information. This has been a wonderful experience and handled very professionally. Hopefully we will have the site up and running around Christmas time. What a great present to the foundation.

Grant Opportunities

KCD is in the process of searching out and applying for many small grants that will give us the opportunities to be of assistance to the small one person rescue groups in our area, helping relieve some of their financial burdens for veterinarian bills, spay/neuter expenses, food and gas to transport these little animals to their new homes.

Rescue Animals For Therapy

The foundation is preparing to enter two of their rescue animals into therapy treatment so they can go into nursing homes and visit the sick and elderly. I any one has a pet they believe would fit into this program please contact us and we will help you get started so you and your pet can go with us to make such a difference in the lives of people who are confined or sickly and would enjoy a visit from a friendly loving little animal. Just send an email to kimberlysvoice40@gmail.com . This could become a very large project ,providing therapy not only for the clients but for the handlers as well.

Walk for Animals

KCD is also working on a few events for 2016. We will be at Walk for Animals at Bay Front Park on June 4 2016 as part of Animal Allies fundraiser. This is an event that brings together hundreds of animals and owners who help support Animal Allies main mission to be able to protect and defend those little animals that need a strong advocate. Kimberly’s Cats and Dogs Foundation is very proud to be part of this project.

Celebration of Kim's Life

On July 31, 2016 KCD will be hosting their 2nd annual “Celebration of Kim’s Life event” We will have Animal Allies Humane Society adoption crew there trying to find safe homes for their little animals, the Zoo Mobile will be on site with strange little animals for the children to see, we will have our 2nd annual “Walk with the Chickens”. There will be cotton candy, popcorn, and birthday cake and miniature sheep. And this will be our first year to have the Scottish Marching band in full dress playing bagpipes as they march down the driveway. It should be a great time for everyone. (Rain date for this event is July 31st with an umbrella.

Spur of the Moment Fundraisers

Just for fun we are going to try doing thing on the spur of the moment such as if we see we have a beautiful summer night coming we will put out the call to bring your pillows and lay down on the warm blacktop driveway and watch the moon and stars. After we will roast marshmellow or hot dogs and just enjoy the little bits of happiness we can grab .. This is a pilot program so stay tuned for dates and equipment you might need to bring.