Chapter 11

Affinity Portal vs. Focused-Content Portal

Affinity Portals

Definition: An affinity group is a group formed around a shared interest or common goal, to which individuals formally or informally belong.


About® is the trusted resource for home buyers, sellers and dreamers, offering the most comprehensive source of for-sale properties, among competing national sites, and the information, tools and professional expertise to help people move confidently through every step of their home journey. It pioneered the world of digital real estate 20 years ago, and today helps make all things home simple, efficient and enjoyable.® is operated by News Corp subsidiary Move, Inc. under a perpetual license to operate® from the National Association of REALTORS

Based off of the definition of an affinity group/portal, is considered an affinity portal because it is geared and focused toward realtors, homeowners, sellers, and buyers and are trying to sell to a specific audience.


Facebook would be, in my opinion based off of the definition, an affinity portal because the whole shared interest or common goal for everyone is to post and share information and is directed towards everyone.

About Facebook:

The Facebook Page celebrates how our friends inspire us, support us, and help us discover the world when we connect.

Focused-Content Portal

Definition: Focused Content Portals are sites that contain in-depth information on a particular topic that all members are interest in.


About WebMD:

“WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. You can trust that our content is timely and credible.”

Why WebMD

I would consider WebMD a Focused-Content Portal because anyone who is going to check on their symptoms and have interest in health related topics are all going to be in interested in everything that’s on that page because it is all health related.

Frequent Flyer Services

About Frequent Flyer Services:

Founded in 1986, Frequent Flyer Services has created a unique niche for itself within the travel industry as a company that conceives, develops and markets products and services exclusively for the frequent traveler. Its focus and distinctive competency lie in the area of traveler loyalty programs. Worldwide, these frequent traveler programs in the airline, hotel, car rental and credit card industries have hundreds of millions of members who earn trillions of miles and points per year. Founded by Randy Petersen, who The Wall Street Journal calls, “…the most influential frequent flier in America,” and USA Today who first dubbed him “the frequent flyer guru” back in 1988, Frequent Flyer Services has had alliances with major brands around the globe and provides, or has provided, content and information to many of the leading sites on the Internet. Additionally, the company is a popular source for consulting opinion and services for frequent traveler programs around the world. Originally online with NewsNet and Compuserve in 1987, the company has always embraced technology. In 1995 it launched WebFlyer, the first source of frequent flyer information on the Internet and the recipient of dozens of awards.