Chapter 1 The Revolution is Just Beginning

Case Study Questions

1.          Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

Because the focus of Pinterest is not like most social media, it is not about sharing with friends. It is about searching for and saving creative ideas. The search bar of Pinterest is used similarly to Google. Pinterest is more focused on the visual aspect of searches.

2.          Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

Of Pinterest users, about 80% of them are accessing it via their mobile devices. Pinterest has an app that is compatible on most mobile devices. They use targeted ads that are custom to mobile devices and have an animation that becomes a video when the user clicks it. More people buy from Pinterest than any other social media platforms.

3.          Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

Users can potentially violate other users’ copyrights when pinning and posting without permission or giving credit. Pinterest includes avoiding this in their terms and conditions, but most people violate this by sharing pictures that do not belong to them. Pinterest does add citations from certain sources when they are able to, but that doesn’t control everything that is coming through the website. 


4.          Prepare a brief report or presentation on how companies are using Instagram or another company of your choosing as a social e-commerce platform.

Companies can use Instagram as a social e-commerce platform, because they can post images on their own page. Companies can also use Instagram by using sponsored ads to promote their businesses. Instagram is a very popular with social media influencers and the influencers can promote businesses on their personal accounts. This is important because companies can use other people to promote their products, so the influencers followers will see the products and be influenced to buy them.

5.          Follow up on events at Uber since July 2018 (when the opening case was prepared). Prepare a short report on your findings.

In August 2019 there was a report from the NY Times stating that Uber lost $5.2 billion in the second quarter. This is the largest lost that uber has had since disclosing its reports. Dara Khosrowshahi said that uber believes that 2019 will be their peak investment year. They have become competitive in the food delivery industry with Uber Eats. Which has greatly increased the number of customers that they have. They seem to be optimistic about the future of Uber.