Chapter 3 E-commerce Infrastructure: The Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform


Case Study Questions:


1.     Why does Akamai need to geographically disperse its services to deliver its customers web content?

Akamai needs to geographically disperse its services to deliver its customers web content because the internet has many delays. The traffic of the internet continues to increase that Akamai created a solution to this issue. They placed copies of content close to users and the content only has to go across a country once. The local servers can deliver this content to the customers. Since the content is stored as copies in different locations and make it easy to retrieve. This allows websites to load faster, which deters people from leaving the website.

2.     If you wanted to deliver software content over the internet, would you sign up for Akamaiís service? Why or why not?

Yes, because if there are people from other countries who visit my website, I want them to be able to view it just like anyone in my country. People will leave a web page if it takes longer than a few seconds to load. To be competitive, you need a fast loading website and to have loyal customers that can depend on your content being there. If my webpage was for locals, I may not need to use this because the speed would be fine. I think that using Akamaiís service would be the best option.

3.     Do you think internet users should be charged based on the amount of bandwidth they consume, or on a tiered plan where users would pay in rough proportion to their usage?

I do not think that users should be charged based on what they use. Bigger companies could pay for more, and smaller companies would lose business because they wouldnít be able to compete financially. It should be equal in that everyone gets the same speed no matter what bandwidth they consume.




1.     Review the Insight on Business case on Apple Watch. What developments have occurred since this case was written in August 2018?

The Apple Watch is wearable technology. The popularity wasnít as big as other Apple products, but the article believes that there is strong growth potential. Apple has surpassed other wearable technology such as Fitbits. The Apple watch prioritizes speed and simplicity. It uses movement to control many functions, and is a unique aspect of the watch. The Apple Watch launched with 3,500 apps and the number continues to grow. Users can do almost as much as what they can do with their iPhone. The Apple Watch Series 4 is now out. It can take an ECG with measures the heartís electrical pulses to monitor heart health for users. There are 2 different sizes, 40mm and 44 mm.

4.     Investigate the Internet of Things. Select one example and describe what it is and how it works.

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of the devices that connect to the internet. Everyday objects are able to send and receive data. An Amazon Alexa would be an example of a device that is a part of the internet of things. It is a virtual assistant that was developed by Amazon. It is a cloud-based voice service that is available on over 100 million devices from Amazon and other device manufacturers. When someone talks to it, Alexa gives an answer.