Kim Mattson

ITS 380

CH 9


Case Study

1.       Why have OpenTable competitors had a difficult time competing against OpenTable?

Many restaurants already participate with OpenTable. In terms of the online restaurant reservations market, they are considered to be the most successful. The software is also

considered user friendly by both consumers and restaurants. OpenTable can track consumers and assist restaurants by sharing the data to promote growth. The companyís competitors

do not have all the options OpenTable has to offer.†††

2.       What characteristics of the restaurant market make it difficult for a reservation system to work?

The main reason why is the highly fragmented and local environment.Also, the internet was changing things by offering instant access to menus and reviews for consumers. Many restaurants didnít have computers or their systems either.

3.       How did OpenTable change its marketing strategy to succeed?

They tried a combination of e-commerce, user-friendly technology and a personal touch. The company revamped their hardware and software to make it a more user-friendly system. Then they targeted big high-end restaurants with a door to door sales force. They used this same strategy throughout the country.

4.       Why would restaurants find the SaaS model very attractive?

The SaaS model was efficient and simple. Many people use these websites, so you want your restaurant to be featured on the website to get you more customers.


2. Find an example not mentioned in the text of each of the four types of online retailing business models. Prepare a short report describing each firm and why it is an example of the particular business model.


4.Choose a service industry not discussed in the chapter (such as legal services, medical services, accounting services, or another of your choosing) _. Prepare a 3- to 5-page report discussing recent trends affecting online provision of these services.