Kyle Peterson


Chapter Four



1.      What are some of the ways a person can be technologically secure?


·         Avoid giving out personal information over email.

·         Flag suspicious emails, don’t respond.

·         Avoid clicking “unsubscribe” hyperlinks, or any hyperlinks in general.

·         Don’t open untrusted attachments.

·         Pay attention to who the sender is, scammers will often times try to pose as trustworthy recipients.

Social Engineering:

·         Social Scammers will often times try and use the system to undermine companies into giving out personal information.

·         Don’t give out information over the phone.

·         Banks, and other companies will never ask for personal information over the phone.


·         As a general tip, make sure programs are up to date.

·         Most importantly always update antivirus first, as well as important system updates.

·         It is a good practice to update passwords routinely, at the very least every six months.


2.      Security Programs offered in the Twin-Ports area

Cyber Security is widely offered through the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin. For starters, UWS offers a few IT classes that can help educate an individual in retrospect to the world of security. LSC also offers an official IT program with advanced study in the world of IT, and other computer related systems. Many of the campuses in the state I would also imagine offer programs in Information Technology Systems, or Computer Science. As for public use knowledge, the Decc holds technology conferences regularly. I believe admission is rather cheap for such events as well.


3.      Security Policies for Campus Computers

University of Wisconsin Superior

Information Technology Security Assessment and Authorization Policy and Procedures

Department Name: Technology Services

Policy #IT-CA1

Issue Date: March 11, 2016


The University of Wisconsin Superior fosters intellectual growth and career preparation within a liberal arts tradition that emphasizes individual attention, embodies respect for diverse cultures and multiple voices, and engages the community and region. This policy establishes the Information Technology Security Assessment and Authorization Policy and Procedures. This policy addresses the establishment of procedures for the effective implementation of selected security controls and control enhancements in the Security Assessment and Authorization family.


The scope of this policy is applicable to all Information Technology (IT) resources owned or operated by the University of Wisconsin Superior. Any information, not specifically identified as the property of other parties, that is transmitted or stored on University of Wisconsin Superior IT resources (including e-mail, messages and files) is the property of the University of Wisconsin Superior. All users (University of Wisconsin Superior employees, Students, contractors, vendors or others) of IT resources are responsible for adhering to this policy.

Data Classification:

Authorization to access institutional data varies according to its sensitivity (the need for care or caution in handling). Access Controls will vary depending upon the following classifications:


4.      Contingency Plans for Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was one of the largest, and most destructive hurricanes to ever have braced Texas. Considering the circumstances, what were the plans for Hurricane Harvey, and why wasn’t Huston evacuated? The answer might not be so simple experts say, as the contingency plan revolved heavily around past experiences when hurricane Rita hit in 2005. This plan put a large emphasis on the fact that had there have been an evacuation order, the death toll would have been detrimentally higher than it was. To put it simply, one does not easily evacuate 2.5 million people in a day.  Thus an evacuation order was not enacted, although it was advised that citizens leave the area.


5.      Incident or Disaster? Define the Scenario

A.    Incident

B.     Incident

C.    Disaster

D.    Disaster

E.     Incident