Kyle Peterson






1.      This paper bring forward a number of problems in the Information Security Sector, the following will be a list of bullet points summarizing the problems.

·         Areas of vulnerabilities, including files, personnel, Hardware, Software, Maintenance, Access points, etc.

·         Different points of access on the physical property, and how to properly protect those areas.

·         System specs, and different possibilities and for attacks.

·         Holding offenders accountable for their actions, or informing employees of a potential attack.


2.      There are three dimensions to the CNSS model, including Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Policy, Education, Technology Storage, Processing, and Transmission. There are 27 cells total, in a perfect world, all 27 cells need to be protected in order to achieve absolute security.

3.      This spot is currently consider to be “vacant” according to the UWS website. Shin-Ping perhaps a promotion is in your near future!

4.      I have chosen Equifax due to their shady mentality. CEO: Richard F. Smith, CIO: Dave Webb, CISO: Susan Mauldin. All were extremely easy to find because almost all are guilty of insider trading.

5.      He was a high-profile hacker that was arrested in 1995 for a large list of high-profile hacking and communication crimes. After spending 5-years in prison he now leads one of the best information-system penetration teams helping businesses stay on top and protected against attacks.