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Butter Brittle Creek Fudge is the best fudge around, Hands down! You will not be dissapointed by this world renowned fudge! Made with only the finest ingredients, using 100% real cacao imported directly from Columbia. We pride ourselves in using the best quality ingredients on the market, no fake alternatives! Melted at the perfect tempurature of 240 degrees, our fudge is a rich blend of both organic, and local homegrown class A butter. Blended and whipped to the perfect finite consistency, which every chocolate enthusiant will love. Completed with a swirl of sweet, savory, serendipitous flavor in every bite. Support local businesses! Shop from the offical, Butter Brittle Creek Fudge!

The image above is just another great example of what can be expected at our fine stablishment. We would love for you to try a wonderful sample of our Peanutbutter fudge. Afterall, our expertise is the making the finest quality fudge!

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Email: kpete111@uwsuper.edu
Date Made: 4/30/17
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