Kyle Peterson


CH 11



Case Study

1.      EBayís older business model was much cluckier, and bogged down with sellers fees. Give or take itís a bidding market so it can only be so complex. I think EBayís newer model runs much better, give or take there is still a sellerís fee for EBay to process it. There are reasons EBay is still alive though, due to amazonís rather strict selling preferences.

2.      Like I said above, amazon is a big competitor. Being able to wildly process millions of orders it is among the biggest owners of online retail. Before amazon, sites such as Ebay were able to flourish and succeed due to the lack of competition. Now however sites such as ebay are only holding on due to the few that seek specialty wares.

3.      Ebay can try, and I give it the benefit of the doubt when it comes down to used wares, however in the light of online retail almost every online retailer overhauls ebay. Ebay is primarily good at selling used goods, essentially, ebay is a massive online garage sale.

4.      Like I said before, amazon, primarily, but anything to do with a similar business model as Ebay serves to be a threat to the welfare of ebay. I donít see ebay going down without a fight though. Even in todayís day and age I have quite a few friends that still rely on ebay for specialty wares.


  1. Social uses social networking websites to help promote your product. Local advertising would be a more personal experience, local allows for local companies to advertise their product to nearby users. Lastly mobile advertising, mobile advertising uses apps and similar programs to advertise to users using a mobile device.

5.†† These are sites with a high amount of network traffic that allow users to share content with friends and producers. Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, and Twitter are a couple of these websites to name a few. These sites are now what advertisers are taking by storm! Like I said above, ďlikesĒ are basically free advertising.

10. Twitter tools allow advertisers to send out tweets with deals to potential customers. Itís very similar to Facebooks form advertising, where they screen your post for useful content or life events to better advertise to potential customers.

15. Cellphones, with almost everyone having access to cellphones this form of advertising and technology and are taking the world by storm. A lot of companies actually have developed a text program (such as Kwik Trip), which text deals right to your mobile phone.

20. Yahoo is second best compared to most of the other online email orientated sites. Yahoo has always been a worse search engine then companies such as Bing and Google. Yahoo also lacks in the IT world and is about as compatible as internet explorer is online today.


Facebook versus other social networking, how do they compare?

Facebook is unique in comparison to other social networking sites. With a huge following for people of all ages, it by far trumps most other social networking sites. However it has its differences, with sites such as Flickr or Instagram, even Pinterest, these sites often times produce picture quality content much better then Facebook can. Facebook is much like twitter in a sense, but allows for users to type much longer posts. It essentially took over Myspace post when released and follows a very similar style and format. However is still unique in connecting the most of the world with each other.