Kyle Peterson





Case Study

1.       What is the proposition apple pay offers? Apple Pay offers a convenience and supposedly upgraded ďsecurityĒ with its new apple pay app. So what does this mean for vendors and the public? Great things! The public no longer needs to carry around credit cards, which means no more sliding and all that nonsense, simply put your phone next to the slider and let your phone do the rest!

2.       Some systems are currently not compatible with apple pay, which in turn will make it hard to make the system convenient when it comes to a problem free shopping experience. In other words, carrying around your credit card will still be necessary in order to avoid potential incompatibility problems.

3.       Paypal essentially does the business for you. Which means you are not personally exchanging your bank information. Instead, you simply load up your paypal with funds, most likely from your bank account or prepaid card and transform it into a sort of ďanonymousĒ currency. This in turn will make it near impossible for scammers to get your bank information.

4.       I would recommend making it beneficial for companies to adopt apple pay. As the system works right now, everytime someone swipes there credit card it costs the company a certain amount of money to process the transaction. Now if apple were to cost most companies virtually nothing to process credit transaction this would be extremely beneficial.


1.       Obviously, you arenít physically present to steal online. Also when it comes to stealing online you can do it while remaining undetected. Also with certain measures in place you can make yourself almost virtually untraceable!

5.       Credit card information, this is why companies like paypal are very effective when it comes to handling funds. Paypal does the business, simply load your funds onto there app and go from there. There is no threat when it comes to doing business with less trustworthy sites, thus your credit card information is more secure and very unlikely to be obtained.

10. ††Cryptography encrypts your information such as passwords, account information, and credit card information. Services such as Webroot anti-virus offer a password generator for many online accounts, these passwords are very secure and offer a heightened level of security!

15.†† Like Iíve covered repeatedly, credit card information can be stolen and is a higher risk when used for online transactions! Its better to use paypal. Also some consumers do not have credit cards, there are quite a few people that still revolve around a paper dependent society.

20.†† These systems allow companies to submit bills online for consumers. This is a safe and secure way of making sure a payment is received and on time. Many companies have begun making the switch to online bill pay because it is easy and hassle free to do.


#1. What are some of the telltale signs that your business has been hacked?

When it comes down to running a business online, an online hack attempt is eminent in todayís day and age. Itís no longer a question of if itís going to happen, but it has now turned to a question of when. Some of the signs that you are being hacked would be data leakage, DDoS attacks, or differing levels of security breaches. For a company that is not ready these attacks can be fatal and trust from clients may be lost. Thatís why its important to have a security time on standby monitoring for potential hacks or breaches.