Kyle Peterson





Case Study

1.      They have to mobility advantage, the problem with a desktop is it isnít portable. Basically, that means that it is very hard to make accommodations in the same day especially if you are out traveling. With the addition of mobility, customers are able to book and make plans on the fly. This allows ecommerce to be much more customizational.

2.      A mobile app does what I said above, it allows for a more mobile experience. Considering most of the users are probably using mobile devices now, itís a very wise decision for Orbitz to decide to go a more untraditional route. A native app would limit this, and in the long run would not generate as much revenue.

3.      It is more customized, and better optimization. If you have a custom app for each and every device it will allow for a much more in-depth browsing experience. Not to mention each app will be nicely contoured for the userís experience. This might allow for better file access as well.

4.      The problem with having specific apps would be just this, syncing a user across multiple platforms would probably involve transferring incompatible files. This would of course add in an extra compatibility process where data might get lost during the conversion of data. Which is always a risk.


1.      Compatibility is huge! Having an app in which can be accessed across many devices and platforms obviously gives you a large advantage when it comes down to the amount of people that can shop through your app. Not to mention it looks much more professional, imagine trying to access an app that only works for an iphone and not an android phone, I would probably pick a different company if that was the case.

5.      System development is very expensive obviously because you are laying down the whole frame work at one time. Also making it a good system efficient might take awhile, however when we look at maintenance costs if you have a site running for awhile, especially if it is high traffic website maintenance costs might increase tenfold. Especially when it comes down to security reasoning.

10. Sites with high trafficking might experience bottlenecking if they do not have a high bandwidth. Of course if a site is experience extreme bottlenecking browsing and processing speeds will be extremely slow. This might turn away customers, even worse the site could shut down all together. It is recommended that sites exceed expectations by a long shot when regarding the usual bandwidth.

15. Policies are important, especially when it comes down to business practices. When doing business, companies should establish policies that protect a users data. Ethics are very important when it comes to handling and performing transactions online.

20. Responsive allows a customer to interact with the website, this might make for a very fun and fancy browsing experience. Now when it comes down to web delivery, these websites do just what they sound like they do, deliver content and are not very intractable.



Creating an E-commerce website

When it comes down to developing an ecommerce business itís important to think about many of the features that a site might perform such as.

         Server performance and optimization, make sure the server can reach anticipated customers

         Design layout and user interface

         Server bandwidth is very important

         Make sure you have distribution servers set up

         Server advertisement, make sure potential customers know about your site.

         Site structure, make sure that you stick to a given plan when it comes to site design.

         App design and compatibility.

These are just a few recommendations I would give for starting your own ecommerce business.