Kyle Peterson





Case Study

1. Open Table is superior to competitors in every way possible. When it comes down to the wire, Open Table excels in areas competitors do not. Its free software, easy to use, portable (mobile), and it meets the requirements all restaurants and clients want to use. Considering open table has been running for 15 years, I view this as a high threat to take down in todayís day and age.

2. Many companies operate at a local scale, meaning they donít see the big picture, or just arenít very connected. However when companies want to branch out, they usually want to choose an app that is popular on the web. Open Table is just that, it suffices for everything the managers want and compared to competitors itís extremely compatible.

3. making sure it wasnít charging its customers for its service, and ad revenue. These are big for making a business grow. Making a reservation shouldnít cost money. Thatís ridiculous, however Open Table has come to terms and agrees, thatís why its app is now free of charge.

4. Open Table is a SaaS, or Service-based application. This is attractive to restaurants because like I said before, consumers do not have to pay to use the product. Now what Open-Table has managed to do is excellent. It has managed to round up over 30,000 different restaurants world-wide in order to make its app happen. The choice is obvious for any business owner.


1. Online shopping isnít going away, and doesnít define itself to the local population. Itís aggressive, bold, and a much better marking strategy then most store ideals. Basically, as long as someone is willing to buy something, all you have to do is make sure that you get the word out through advertising. Not to mention online shopping is easy to do, and you can do it from your house.

5. Customers are not going to adapt, and why would you order something online when you can get it shipped right to your house? These have both gone away as we are now in a much more efficient society! Now with two day shipping becoming a usual practice, most customers are more than happy to partake in the festivities. Not to mention technology has stepped its game up, and is more connected in our daily lives.

10. Net Margin, it is the measure of how well a company is doing after itís all said and done and all expenses are taking care of. Basically itís taking into consideration after all expenses are paid if the company is making money or losing money.

15. Viewing houses online, and then booking our requesting a tour. Pretty easy to do, and it makes it convenient to work with clients and get the word out to the public about houses that are up for sale via e-commerce.

20. They disrupt the traditional way of doing things, such as going to places physically, or requesting a cab. Most of the time they are much cheaper, and are almost always all around better. Look at uber for example, I would much rather take an uber then a cab any day, there cheaper and more appealing to the consumer.


The usage of online mobile apps in the retail industry.

With technology, comes pressure to conform, likewise for the industry the time to conform is now. Many companies have now started to conform by releasing mobile apps for their retail stores. Many of which let consumers shop online, or engage in some sort of mobile marketing such as receiving coupons. Many will give special deals at the register if the mobile coupon is shown to the cashier upon checkout. Others will allow consumers to keep and accumulate reward points. Altogether, in order to stay competitive, companies are now all conforming to the electronic age.