Kyle Peterson





Case Study

1.      Search data and such, not to mention google cloud sharing. Pinterest focuses on a similar concept regarding photos. When it comes to both in the industry it tends to be an uneven playing field due to competition.

2.      We are an app driven society, so thus, Pinterest has followed suit when it comes to developing apps. It only makes sense for them to target the App field. In fact almost all social media is now making its way into the form of an app.

3.      Pinterest posts photos, many of those photos they don’t have permission to post. So thus copyright infringement.


1.      E-commerce deals with suppliers and the ‘business’ side of it, E-Business deals directly with the customer, not the supplier side.

5. Universal Standards set forth the rules for business, if we have universal standards it will be easier to do business throughout the world without violating terms or laws in other countries.

10. E-commerce has evolved over many years, such as its ways in which it reaches the consumer. Example, new ads and information gathering activities that make it easy to target individuals with more meaningful ads specifically designed for the consumer. Furthermore E-commerce has brought business to the web, instead of opening stores in a local community.

15. In the beginning business was not optimized for the web. Thus advertising and selling was very poor. However over years, companies such as amazon have made it very easy to do business over the web.


5. Uber Crisis

Uber has grown extensively in popularity over the past couple years. At the same time it has also taken heat from many cab companies which are angry over the low standards, and loss of business that the on demand company has stolen. Many cities have now started discussing the possible ban of Uber in their city limits, in cities that are open for Uber cab drivers have even started aggressive protests involving shutting down road ways and even vandalizing cars.