Kyle Peterson




Case Study

1.      In order to find classified ads for horses, you first need to google similar things. First start off by obviously googling horses, this will then most likely save certain cookies showing that you’re interested in horses. You will start seeing ads dedicated to horse products, and horse activities in general.

2.      Social Media plays a huge roll in advertising! When it comes down to getting the word out, most brands now have a social networking page. This is huge as it allows you to have people “like” your brand, this basically allows for free advertising. It’s a snowball effect, the more people that like your brand the more your company gets out there.

3.      Using your cookies is one way to really personalize your shopping experience. Also allowing a search option is also huge, this essentially allows the best of both worlds. Saving these search results would be best for the user experience, as it would be easy to really pitch similar products and services to the user through this method.


1.      Social uses social networking websites to help promote your product. Local advertising would be a more personal experience, local allows for local companies to advertise their product to nearby users. Lastly mobile advertising, mobile advertising uses apps and similar programs to advertise to users using a mobile device.

5.   These are sites with a high amount of network traffic that allow users to share content with friends and producers. Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, and Twitter are a couple of these websites to name a few. These sites are now what advertisers are taking by storm! Like I said above, “likes” are basically free advertising.

10. Twitter tools allow advertisers to send out tweets with deals to potential customers. It’s very similar to Facebooks form advertising, where they screen your post for useful content or life events to better advertise to potential customers.

15. Cellphones, with almost everyone having access to cellphones this form of advertising and technology and are taking the world by storm. A lot of companies actually have developed a text program (such as Kwik Trip), which text deals right to your mobile phone.

20. Google Maps Enabled targeting ads to users based on IP address and general geographic location Smartphones, Google’s mobile maps app enabled targeting ads based on GPS.


2. Facebook Advertisement, and my personal experience

Believe it or not this is pretty relevant as Facebook’s advertisement algorithm is very good, almost too good. My friends have experimented with this concept in the past first with something harmless like candy bars and such. Then we decided to up the ante with a post about having children. Give or take there was quite an uproar right off the bat with my friends reacting to an obviously serious post, however you best believe that in about a day the ads were advertising products for mom and dad’s expecting!