Kyle Peterson





Case Study

1.      When going to my favorite portal I counted two ads, I did this on my home computer so I had relevant cookies dedicated to my search results and interests. These ads consisted of fishing ads, and ads for outdoor camping equipment. Other ads that Iíve seen through the site are references to sales on amazon that Iíve seen before.

2.      For these given ďprofilesĒ, it is recommended that you use some diversification. Ads should be appealing and real the customer in. Also something needs to standout when it comes to advertising, especially online.

3.      Optimization. Most companies spend a considerable amount of money making sure that there company can be found and that there ads can be seen. This is vitally important largely impart due to search engine optimization. This makes your results more prominent when a potential browser is searching for your company.

4.      Definitely not, when I think of instant click ads I commonly think of viruses. Also this form of advertisement is very invasive and hostile. Itís better to have banner ads, or ads that are more out of the way then have ads flood the screen. Not to mention these are extremely irritating, nobody wants this form of advertising.


1.      Yes obviously it will continue to grow, the only barrier that will cause it to slow would be the technology gap between countries and communities. In the future, the internet will become second nature (which it basically already has). The only other thing I can imagine would be the internet hitting the population cap, which I donít see happening anytime soon.

5.      It has made looking up keywords much more potent. Also allows the user to look up specifics when searching for things such as Boolean Operators. As for redundancy, the search engine takes out a lot of irrelevant items that have similar keywords and searches for items more relevant to the keywords.

10.Subscription based pricing was one of the things that failed early e-commerce businesses. Also no form of free shipping was horrendous for companies looking to ship out merchandise to customers. Obviously both have improved, but starting off the market was extremely rocky and unstable.

15. Only marketing is a good tool no doubt, however it is harder to mass advertise something if its only going to websites without traffic, and now with things such as Ad Blocker it is even harder to advertise online. This is why advertisements such as TV ads are still much higher in comparison to web ads.

20. Web Analytics analyze advertisement and optimization data to make sure advertisement is being used as sufficiently as possible. This includes making sure search results stay on top and fully utilizing all advertisement methods.


3. Does the campaign produce a profit?

I just want to start off by saying this is a very ineffective and annoying way of converting consumers. For the amount spent, you could run a much better advertisement campaign. What is better would be, having them come into your store and having an employee help them sign up for an email service where deals would be sent to the email. Such as sales. This is by far the most effective method when it comes down to using and advertising through email.