Kyle Peterson





Case Study

1.      It is a worldwide company. If you think about it, if all of your servers are located in one continent youíre ping will be awful for those located in different continents. Bad connection means people will not want to use your product, especially if it pertains to streaming videos and other activities like that.

2.      Yes, Akamai is a worldwide company. It would be the perfect company if you wanted to do ecommerce worldwide. Having these capabilities would be wonderful as that would take out one of the roadblocks present in running a successful ecommerce company. Worldwide means a lot of money for their company.

3.      Like I said above, having the ability to market your company efficiently to the whole entire world would be huge. Now letís think about the different aspects that Akamai brings to the table. Akamai will allow anyone in the world to download things that you put on their server at extremely high speeds.

4.      I think thatís fair if they use a huge amount of data. We are talking like 50+ terabytes of data a day, this would a huge amount so likewise charging for this amount of usage would be fair. However in a way we already pay for your internet usage, an internet service provider charges you monthly for its usage so for the average user, I think thatís a ridiculous concept.


1.      Packet Switching, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and internet server/routing. These are all very important, if they werenít we would not have the worldwide web. Of course without the web there would be no ecommerce, and without ecommerce I would not be taking this class.

5.†† A computer database made the possibility of computer server computing possible. Of course there was also the first packet switching which occurred on the ARPA net that occurred in the 1970ís. This was kind of the first gradual development necessary for cloud computing. Without this first step we would still be back in the stone age.

10. Internet2 is a U.S.-based and international nonprofit networking consortium led by researchers, academia and industry/government leaders. Launched in 1996, Internet2 works to advance the development of networking education and global partnering to facilitate innovative Internet technologies.

15. A web server delivers HTTP files in a presentable manner to users in a way that looks fittingly pleasing. This also makes it so that you donít need to download the information every time you open a website. Furthermore it helps make websites more compatible across many devices, more compatibility means more people can access your content.

20. They are easy to use, and highly specific. They allow a very specialized experience for users and a lot of the time make for a very easy experience for there users.


Apple Watch

The apple watch has become more compatible with the iphone. It has added a scroll dial for a better browsing experience. The touch screen has been better optimized, and a bigger storage has been added to the watch. An extended range has also been added to the watch so can connect with your phone. Also a better time checker has been added. As for design, the design has been upgraded to better accommodate the wrist, however it still looks more robust and not as fashionable.