Kyle Peterson





Case Study Questions

1.      Elemica is made up of huge, big business companies. Many of which can comply with the rigorous standards put forth by the company. The biggest fear that I would have being a small company joining a business giant such as Elemica would be this compliance not to mention difficulty competing. All these factors would prove difficult for a small startup chemical company to run head to head with.

2.      These companies are allowed to collaborate inside of the business environment, each benefiting one another. This allows them to trade ideas, and develop chemicals inside of a non-competitive environment. However when it comes down to the selling point, this is where companies compete, although ideas might be brainstormed or worked inside of the work environment the end products might be completely different.

3.      Elemica operates a unique business which serves as a middleman for all of its key suppliers. Elemica ensures efficiency, on its part, making sure that companies sell their products efficiently as well as offering a unique channel and special selling opportunities.


1.      B2B ecommerce stands for business to business ecommerce, this is an environment in which businesses can transact business between each other online. This is helpful because it helps businesses make unique inter personal relationships with each other, helping to ensure product efficiency and delivery.

5.Online, and physically. Obviously physically is much more traditional then online, and much easier for the average consumer. Online however, is unique to the last twenty years. Online allows efficiency within the consumer market if properly executed. Online allows products to get delivered right to a consumerís personal residence. However in order for it to work efficiently in needs to operate through many differing channels such as a B2B environment.

10. In B2B environments competition is less present, as it is unbeneficial to create a competitive B2B environment. This is the same reason that you usually only see one soda company working within a restaurant chain. This is also the reason that you donít see companies such as Target and Walmart working together because it just doesnít work.

15. Private industry markets have a lot of pros, but also make it difficult to enter into. When it comes down to great business deals, these networks often times develop key relationships which ensure financial security. However, in order to get into such a group a company needs to be established. Obviously it would not make sense for a company to let in a partner that would not benefit the interest of the network. Thus these groups are highly exclusive.

20. A cloud based B2B stores business information for businesses on a remote server. Basically handling all of the businesses online traffic and storage needs. This cuts down on maintenance for the non-internet company, and also ensures data is always available whenever it needs to be accessed. It is great for strictly business companies.



Cold Rolled Steel

It would be better to be ambidextrous when it comes down to manufacturing and obtaining supplies. If you think about the logistics behind the scenes, say one method slows down, or fails to output. Having an alternative would mean that production of furniture would not slow down and consumers on the end spectrum would still get there desired product without having to wait a rigorous amount of time. This would be highly beneficial as the steel market is often times unstable and other alternatives need to be turned towards.