Kate Rohde

ITS 370

Chapter 6 Homework



4.     Using the Internet, determine what applications are commercially available to enable secure remote access to a PC.

a.     There are many available. Some of the top ones are: TeamViewer, RescueAssist, Kaseya VSA, Goverlan Reach, NinjaRMM, Netop Remote Control, SolarWinds Take Control, dualmon Remote Access, FixMe.IT, ConnectWise Control, and Zoho Assist.

5.     Using a Microsoft Windows system, open Internet Explorer. Click Internet Options on the Tools menu. Examine the contents of the Security and Privacy tabs. How can these tabs be configured to provide:

a.     Content filtering: There are different zones you can control such as the internet, local intranet, trusted sites, and restricted sights. Each zone you can control the level of security from low: “minimal safeguards and warning prompts are provided.” Whereas high: “Appropriate for websites that might have harmful content.”

b.     Protection from unwanted items like cookies: Can control by setting it to block all cookies, high, medium, low, accept all cookies. Depending how safe one can choose the safest route, no cookies, or the riskiest route, all cookies.


Case Exercises:

           Discussion Questions:

1.     What questions do you think Kevin should have included on his slide to start the discussion?

a. Which is more important for the company, security or convenience of use?

b. What is a good balance between security and convenience for the company along with price?

c. How easy will it be able to put into place?

d. Can the plan evolve with the changing times as time goes on?

2.     If the questions were broken down into two categories, they would be cost versus maintaining high security while keeping flexibility. Which is more important for SLS?

a.     At this point in time, after the recent attach, security seems to be more of a priority than flexibility. Maybe 60% security and 40% flexibility.


Ethical Decision Making:


Suppose that Ms. Hamir stacked the desk with her design proposal. In other words, she purposefully under-designed the less expensive solution and produced a cost estimate for the higher-end version that she knew would come in over budget if it were chosen. She also knew SLS had a tendency to hire design consultants to do build projects.


1.     Is it unethical to produce a consulting report that steers a client toward a specific income?

a.     Absolutely unethical, goal should always be to provide the best most effective service. Not going for the bigger money that way not work for the company at all.


Suppose instead that mx. Hamir had prepared a report that truthfully recommended the more expensive option as the better choice for SLS in her best professional opinion. Further suppose that SLS management decided on the less expensive option solely to reduce costs without regard to the project’s security outcomes.


2.     Would she be ethically sound to urge reconsideration of such a decision?

a.     If it truly was in the best interest of the company than yes. She might even be able to see if she could find some middle ground between the two plans. Something that would provide more security and keep cost reasonable.