Kohlton White
ITS 370
Chapter 10


3. Write a job description for Kelvin Urich, the project manager described in the opening vignette of this chapter. Be sure to identify key characteristics of the ideal candidate, as well as work experience and educational background. Also, justify why your job description is suitable for potential candidates of this position.

Kelvin Urichís position requires a bachelorís degree and at least 5 years of experience in the related field of the position. The position calls for great communication, listening, and writing skills. They must be able to multitask between different projects and lead and oversee the teams working on them. The position also calls for great time management skills.

4. Search the Web for job descriptions of project managers. What common elements do you find among the job descriptions? What is the most unusual characteristic among them?

Really depends on the type of company. For the most part they are looking for:

        Oversee operations

        Multitasking skills

        Communication, listening, and writing skills

        Time management skills

        Work with teams

There really is not anything that I found to be unusual.


Case Exercises

1.) What project management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting?

Kelvin needs to take a step back and reevaluate his top-priority list. †

2.) What change management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting, and how do these tasks fit within the project management process?


3.) Had you been in Kelvinís place, what would you have done differently to prepare for this meeting?


Ethical Decision Making

Do you think Kelvin has had an ethical lapse by cherry-picking the data for his presentation?

I do not believe that this is an ethical lapse because the data he is displaying is still somewhat accurate, but cherry-picking data can lead to inconsistencies and create issues with the budget. That is why it is better to show the full range of costs, otherwise Kelvin will look incompetent.

Suppose that instead of choosing data the range provided by the consultant, Kelvin simply made up better numbers for his favorite initiatives. Is this an ethical lapse?

Yes, this would be an ethical lapse and without a doubt make Kelvin look incompetent when they blow their budget and realize what he has done.

Kelvin planned to provide his friend with internal design specifications and the assessment criteria to be used for vendor selection for the initiative. Has Kelvin committed an ethical lapse?

Yes, this would be an ethical lapse and in some situations, itís illegal. †††