Kohlton White
ITS 370
Chapter 11


3. Using the Web, identify some certifications with an information security component that were not discussed in this chapter.

Found two certifications for “Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)” and “Certification Information Security Manager (CISM).”

4. Search the Web for at least five job postings for a security analyst. What qualifications do the listings have in common?

What they have in common:

·        Years of experience as an information security admin

·        Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information sciences, or related field preferred

·        Be able to identify security violations and risks

Case Exercises

1.) What questions should Iris ask Charlie about the new job, Kelvin’s team, and the future of the company?

Iris should ask about what kind of work that she will be done, how big Kelvin’s team is, and how much she will get paid.

2.) What questions should Iris ask Kelvin about the new job?

Iris should ask what they are currently working on, upcoming projects, what her part will be, and who she will be working with.

Ethical Decision Making

Should Iris inform Charlie about her relationship with Kelvin if she does not plan to apply for the transfer?

Even though some companies have policies for relationships, Iris and Kelvin are not working together or in the same department. So, I do not think that it would be necessary to disclose their relationship.

If she does apply for the job, but has no current plans for marriage, should she inform Charlie of her relationship?

Yes, I think that it would be a wise decision to disclose their relationship beforehand. This will avoid any future complications if someone was to find out or if they do decide to get married.