Kohlton White

ITS 380 Global E-Commerce Systems

Chapter 1


Case Study

1.) Why does Pinterest view Google as its competitor?

Because Pinterest has invested in new technology, such as deep-learning assisted visual searches, and other technologies that has given them the opportunity to reposition themselves as a search platform and not just a social media platform. The main goal and where these two are starting to see themselves as competitors are in ad-exposure and ad-revenue. Itís a fight for your clicks and to get more ads in front of your eyes.

2.) Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

When you look at the total population of people that have computers, tablets, and smartphones, the percentage of people that only use laptops and desktops is far less than people that only use smartphones. And this number is only going to raise as mobile technology continues to improve. So, there is a greater market for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Also, apps ďcan beĒ at default, more refined and feature rich than on a browser. Apps can be optimized to give the users a better overall experience and publishers have more control the content. Itís easy to download an ad-blocker for a browser, which is great of youíre tired of seeing ads, but thatís terrible for Google and Pinterest when theyíre trying to monetize your experience on their platforms.

3.) Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

Because users are posting copyrighted content without permission and/or attribution from the copyright holder. This leaves Pinterest responsible for the content thatís being shared on their platform.



1.) Choose an e-commerce company and assess it in terms of the eight unique features of e-commerce technology described in Table 1.2. Which of the features does the company implement well, and which features poorly, in your opinion? Prepare a short memo to the president of the company you have chosen detailing your findings and any suggestions for improvement you may have.

o   Ubiquity Ė Amazon is very accessible. Itís available on almost every platform.

o   Global Reach Ė Itís available in almost every country.

o   Universal Standards Ė Not entirely sure what the book means with this one.

o   Richness Ė The media content on Amazon is more towards buying movies or TV series and product information. It lacks content creators, which is fine because Amazon isnít that type of media platform, if at all.

o   Interactivity Ė Not entirely sure what the book means with this one.
Amazon has reviews, which allows consumers to rate their experience with products and sellers.

o   Information Density Ė Not entirely sure what the book means with this one.
Iím sure as Amazon grew over the years, they just added new features and refined old ones.

o   Personalization/Customization ĖThere really isnít much to personalize and I donít think thatís a bad thing. Personally, I think that being able to customize a profile on Amazon is pointless. The extremely limited social interactions (aka reading or writing a review) doesnít need any information other then your name. Everything else is unnecessary.

o   Social Technology Ė The social inactions around Amazon would be to read and write reviews and share links of products on other platforms. Which is completely fine for what the site does. If youíre comparing Amazon to something like Pinterest, then sure, itís lacking.


The overall experience with Amazon as an e-commerce site is positive and I really donít know what your company should do to improve it. It doesnít need any personal customization or social media features, which I think that adding them would only be problematic for the company.


2.) Search the Web for an example of each of the major types of e-commerce described in Section 1.4 and listed in Table 1.3. Create a presentation or written report describing each company (take a screenshot of each, if possible), and explain why it fits into the category of e-commerce to which you have assigned it.


B2C Ė Hotels.com

Hotels.com is a B2C because it brings customers and businesses (aka hotels) together and makes it easier for customers to find hotels at various prices.


B2B Ė Mesabi (L&M Radiator)

Below is Mesabiís website, which has a catalog full of products that they produce and sell to manufactures around the world.


C2C Ė eBay

eBay gives people a platform to buy and sell products.


M-Commerce Ė Target

Targetís mobile app gives users/customers many options from paying their account balance to buying products.