Kohlton White

ITS 380 Global E-Commerce Systems

Chapter 3


Case Study

1.)    Why does Akamai need to geographically disperse its servers to deliver its customerís web content?

Having multiple servers dispersed geographically, it allows customers to obtain content from a server thatís located closer to them, which more efficient when transferring content. Adding more servers that are spread out from each other can assure that Akamai can meet the customerís needs for faster load times.


2.)    If you wanted to deliver software content over the internet, would you sign up for Akamaiís service? Why or why not?

One of the biggest gripes that I have when it comes to shopping online is lag. The longer it takes me to buy something, the more time I get to think it over, which in the past, has resulted in me cancelling my order. So, if I was offering a service that specialized in transferring software or content, then of course I would sign up.

3.)    Do you think internet users should be charged based on the amount of bandwidth they consume, or on a tiered plan where users would pay in rough proportion to their usage?

Both are decent options and have their own advantages, but I think that users should pay a fixed rate for a certain amount of bandwidth. With the tiered option, it has structure and users will know exactly what theyíre getting. When youíre being charged based on usage, it can save money for people that donít use the internet that much, but when youíre on a fixed budget and every single byte of bandwidth is costing you money, itís not that ideal.




1.)† Apple Watch: What developments have occurred since this case was written in August 2018?

†††††††††††††† Apple Watches have made some interesting changes, like being able to detect when the user has fallen and sends out an emergency alert to 911.

2.) †Call or visit the website of a cable providerÖ

†††††††††††††† Looked at Frontier Communications for McGregor MN, which is what my parents use and the packages that they offer is absolutely embarrassing for an internet provider in 2019. Hereís the thing, not all of these packages are available in the area. There are even lower speeds of 3 Mbps, which is almost like using dialup in 2019. It gets the job doneÖ eventually, but itís not enough to do anything meaningful. 25 Mbps for $35 is terrible when you can live in Duluth and pay $39.99 per month for 60 Mbps.

Price per Month


Check Email

Check Social Media

Work from Home

Connect Multiple Devices

$ 27.99




$ 34.99


$ 44.99