Kohlton White

ITS 380

Chapter 4


1.       Why did Dickís decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce operations?

Dickís left eBay because their own e-commerce was preforming well, and they were starting to see diminishing returns with eBay.

2.       What is Dickís omnichannel strategy?

There were a few parts to their omnichannel strategy. †First being that each physical retail location worked as a distribution/fulfilment centers for their purchased online. Also, they offer in-store pickup.

3.       What are the three steps in Dickís migration to its new website?

Step one, end their partnership with eBay.
Step two, develop the software and tailor-make the site.
Step three, launching their 2 lesser known companies on the site to not only test the site but to also see growth in those companies.

4.       What are the primary benefits of Dickís new system?

They developed a site that could do and looking exactly how they want it. Which allows them to tailor it for their customers, giving their customers a more personal experience. Also, they didnít have to pay any fees to eBay, which is always a plus.