1.     Using the Web, search for “software firewalls.” Examine the various alternatives available and compare their functionality, cost, features, and type of protection. Create a weighted ranking according to your own evaluation of the features and specifications of each software package.

a.     1. Norton Internet Security

                                               i.     Cost: $49.99/yr.

                                             ii.     Features: NIS provides the coverage on multiple devices, (Virus free or get a refund policy), 25GB of cloud storage.

                                            iii.     Type of protection: Antivirus and Packet protection.

b.     2. Peerblock

                                               i.     Cost: Free

                                             ii.     Features: blocks incoming and outgoing connections to IP addresses that are included on blacklists, and to addresses specified by the user.

                                            iii.     Type of protection: Packet protection

c.     3. Zonealarm Extreme Security

                                               i.     Cost: $59.95/yr.

                                             ii.     Features: Protects from WANNACRY and all other zero-day attacks.

Prevents identity theft with advanced Anti-Phishing Protection. Defends your entire family with antivirus and Parental Controls. Find My Laptop, PC Tune-Up, Online Backup, Identity Protection are included.

                                            iii.     Type of protection: Antivirus (Anti-Ransomware) and Packet protection

2.     Using Figure 6-18, create one or more rules necessary for both the internal and external firewalls to allow a remote user to access an internal machine from the Internet using the Timbuktu software. You answer requires researching the ports used by this software packet.

a.     Rule 1: <Source Address> any <Source Port> 1417 <Destination Address> any <Destination Port> 1419 <Action> allow

b.     Rule 2: <Source Address> any <Source Port> 1419 <Destination Address> any <Destination Port> 20 <Action> allow

3.     Suppose management wants to create a “server farm” for the configuration in Figure 6-18 that allows a proxy firewall in the DMZ to access an internal web server (rather than a Web server in the DMZ). Do you foresee any technical difficulties in deploying this architecture? What are the advantages and disadvantages to this implementation?

a.     If the proxy firewall doesn’t have a rule set in place to prevent a certain attack from occurring then that allows an outside source to get into the internal webserver. The advantages do allow people to have everything in place but the problem would be a hasty one on the security end of things. More firewall rules would need to be set into place to counteract some of the possible intrusion that could occur.

4.     Using the internet, determine what applications are commercially available to enable secure remote access to a PC.

a.     TeamViewer: one of the most popular remote-control applications used today my many tech repair companies.

b.     Remote utilities: This application has an abundant amount of tools that allow for file transfer all the way to permission settings that can do almost everything you should need to control another PC

c.     Windows remote Desktop: Even though it doesn’t support nearly as much as the other two listed, WRD is a standard product that support a lot of PC’s on the market with little to no compatibility issues.

5.     Using a Microsoft Windows system, open Internet Explorer. Click internet options on the Tools menu. Examine the contents of the Security and Privacy tabs. How can these tabs be configured to provide: (a) content filtering and (b) protection from unwanted items like cookies?

a.     With the option to control how secure you want your computer to be, you have the option to set your browser to a high security level. By doing this, you prevent all websites from storing cookies in your browser. Also by setting both sliders to the maximum setting, they should provide a high level of content filtering that would secure your PC from unwanted content.