Louis Gouge

ITS 230

Chapter 6


1. T      2. T      3. F      4. F      5. F      6. T      7. F      8. F      9. F      10. T    11. T    12. T


Multiple Choice

1. C     2. B     3. A     4. A     5. A     6. D     7. C     8. D



1. D     2. I       3. E      4. B     5. A     6. H     7. C     8. F      9. J      10. G


Consider This

5. The two components contained in the processor is the control unit and the arithmetic logic unit.

7. The four operations performed in the machine cycle are: fetch, decode, execute, and store.

8. Registers are small high speed storage locations that temporarily hold data and instructions located in a part of the processor.

Internet Research

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