Louis Gouge

ITS 230

Chapter 7


1. T      2. T      3. T      4. F      5. F      6. F      7. F      8. T      9. F      10. T    11. F    12. T


Multiple Choice

1. B     2. D     3. C     4. C     5. D     6. A     7. C     8. B


1. G     2. J       3. B     4. C     5. H     6. I       7. A     8. F      9. D     10. E


Consider This

3. Common input methods are: “keyboard, pointing devices, touch screens, pen input, motion input, voice input, scanners, and reading devices.”(pg.318)

5. Steps to detect keystroke monitoring software are: run anti-virus and spyware detection software regularly, review hard disc drive files, and check running software programs which may be installed.(pg. 321)

24. To print from your mobile device: Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same network you want to print on, download the app or driver for the specific printer you want to print from, and make sure you have the correct printer listed that you want to print from.  Press “print” and wait for your document to be printed.