Louis Gouge


SF3-3 Performance Evaluation

1. I would want to know how people found my website, where they navigated within my site and did they purchase anything, and what was the last page they observed before they left my site. If I know these things maybe, I can improve on those points and make people search my site more and buy more things.

2. I researched and found three web analytics tools or apps and I chose to use Google Analytics. I chose Google because it is free for small businesses and this corresponds directly to what Google is and does every single day. Google has a reputation for doing business on the web and I would have no worries using their free application.

            The three sites I looked at was: Google analytics, Piwik, and IBM digital analytics. Google and Piwik were free at this time but IBM is not free and you have to talk to sales about rates. I believe any of the free software would help you get more people to go where you want them to go, but I believe Google would have more assistance and way more resources to help my business. If my business was huge I think I would probably use one the small software companies just because I could.