Louis Gouge

ITS 230

Lab SF2-1

3 e-commerce websites for small-batch coffee beans I found when I used a search engine:

1. Backroads Coffee and Tea www.backroadscoffee.com

2. Cameronís Coffee www.cameronscoffee.com

3. Luna Coffee Roasters www.lunacafe.com

All 3 businesses roast their own beans and offer them for sale online and at their own place of business. They all offer their own flavors and you can purchase coffee as beans or as already ground. They are all small businesses and one is located in Hayward, WI which is where I drive from every day. All of these sites offer their products online and for sale in their own store.


Generating revenue and promoting my product on our website

       I would promote my site by explaining how we would use only the freshest beans and I would try to come up with some very unique flavors that is only found in the north woods of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

       I would offer to sell in any quantity and I would offer to sell as the whole bean and or specially ground for the type of coffee maker.

       I would offer a loyalty program by offering a discount or free coffee after a certain number of purchases.

       I would also give a discount to people that like our Facebook page and or take a photo of them in front of our coffee shop sign and locating it on their own Facebook page.

       I would design t-shirts, caps, and cups with our logo on it.

I would make sure all these items would be available for sale online and I would attempt to sell these products in local stores.