Malicious Insiders

Ethical Issues in Information Technology


Why would an employee become a Malicious Insider?

No one knows what secrets some people might be hiding behind closed doors. You will not know every secret about your neighbor, your health care provider, or your child's teacher. If you think about it, you really don't know a lot about anyone, and that can be very frightening.

When an employer hires a new employee, that particular company is taking a huge gamble. That company does not know whom they hired. Most corporations perform a pretty thorough background check on potential job candidates. Due to the large amount of job seekers and the lack of jobs available, there can be well over a couple hundred people applying for the same position. These companies do not have the time or resources to effectively screen all the job seekers. As a result of this problem, sometimes a candidate that has a questionable past will get hired.

When an untrustworthy individual is placed into a position of trust, sometimes that person can be overwhelmed by temptation. It's not because that person is necessarily bad. That person may have high debts to pay, gets angry at their supervisor, or is talked into doing something illegal by an old friend. Whatever the reason, the person in question decides it is ok because someone owes them something they really don't deserve. That is when the opportunity light comes on and they decide to act on the illegal activity. That is when that person becomes a malicious insider.